Continuous Drying Loedige

GRANUCON – Continuous drying with defined retention time distribution

Continuous granulation has always been a tradition at Lödige. The machines of type CM are well-known for continuous granulation in various fields. And for continuous dry mixing, there is the machine type KM, which has been used successfully for years. But one thing was missing in the delivery programme: an appropriate dryer. This gap could be filled now by the new machine type LCF 5. Together with the CM 5 and the customized dosing technology, this dryer forms a complete continuous granulation line: GRANUCON. The dryer LCF 5 is working on the basis of the fluid bed process.

A general disadvantage of continuous fluid beds normally is the wide retention time distribution inside the machine, but Lödige’s innovative specialists could solve this problem now. They integrated a screw and thereby reached a forced conveyance in the fluid bed dryer LCF 5. First trials already proved the relatively tight retention time distribution inside the dryer. The dryer is designed for throughput from 5 kg/h to 30 kg/h and product moisture up to 20 %.


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