Infestroyer Pin Mill 


The Infestroyer® is an impact mill specifically designed for the flour industry. Foreign insects entering food products must be eliminated with a 100% kill rate while preserving the particle size of the flour to maintain size and color. The Infestroyer® delivers on this commitment by offering a rugged impact mill that effectively eliminates adult insects, larva and eggs from flour products.

The Infestroyer® combines easy cleaning with low maintenance, there are no screens to clog and impact areas offer quick access. The Infestroyer® is available in USDA type design, including 316 stainless construction, without certification which saves money while offering a feature rich design.

Features & Benefits:
-Guaranteed 100% kill of infestation
-Eliminate chemical fumigants: average ROI of 9 months
-Easy set up and operation: adjust process while operating
-Gravity or blow through processes without space consuming auxiliary equipment
-SQF Safe Quality Food Certification

Capacity Range: 2.5-75 TPH
Motor Power Range: 5-150 HP

• Wheat and Corn Flour
• Bakery Mixes
• Corn Meal
• Semolina 

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