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The Building Materials Industry – An Important Economic Factor

The building materials industry as a traditional sector of the economy is an important innovation driver in the field of building materials giving employment to about 130,000 persons and creating a turnover of approx. 26 billion. 600 million tons mineral raw materials are extracted, treated and processed yearly. And this only in Germany!

Furthermore, there are the secondary raw materials such as the recycled building materials and slags. With modern production processes and products, this branch of industry contributes to a sustainable economic development.

Over centuries this industry creates durable things of lasting value – and culture, too.


Loedige mixing and processing system have been developed over decades for the building materials industry in close cooperation with our customers.

Loedige solutions :
- Mixing
- Granulating
- Homogenizing
- Drying / Cooling
- Coasting
- Recycling
- and much more..

Wide experience is required for
handling products for the build-
ing materials industry. Detailed
knowledge of the behaviour of
these products is essential for
development of optimum mixing
and processing systems. More
than 900 Lödige mixers are in-
stalled worldwide in this branch
of industry.

Leading producers of building
materials entrust the production
of their quality materials to our
mixing and processing systems
which they have optimized in
cooperation with us to obtain
customer and product orientated
Lödige provides innovative, cost-
effective and practice-proven
systems for every possible
method of modifying and finish-
ing building materials.

Components and  additives 
• retarding agent
• cellulose
• fibrous materials
• fly ash
• highly hydraulic lime
• granulated slag sand
• lime hydrate
• clinker (brick)
• perlite
• pigments
• pozzolanics
• raw cement
• chamotte
• slag
• quick setting agent
• stone dust
• trass
• powdered clay
• vermiculite
• white cement
• cement

Rendering / Mortar /  Plaster for Flooring / Blast Furnace Slag Cement 
• exterior rendering
• concrete flooring
• insulating materials
(vermiculite/EPS, etc.)
• facing plaster
• coloured plaster
• refractory materials
• filling mortar
• blast furnace slag cement
(in diverse modifications)
• repair mortar
• special concrete
• first coat rendering
• casting compound
• cements in accordance with  DIN 1164 

Gypsum and Gypsum  Boards 
• gypsum fibre board  mixes 
• sandwich plaster board  mixes 
• fillers for gypsum board  systems 

Adhesives, Knifing  Fillers and Multi-coloured Fillers 
• insulation adhesive
• tile adhesive
• flex adhesive
• knifing fillers
• filling mortar
• multicoloured fillers

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