Microfluidizer® Processor


The Microfluidizer® Technology Principle:  Superior Particle Size Reduction
Microfluidizer® high shear fluid processors are unique in their ability to achieve uniform particle size reduction, nanoemulsions and efficient cell disruption — enabling innovative companies to develop nano-enabled medicines, chemicals and consumer products that change the world.

How It Works
How does a high-pressure Microfluidizer® homogenizer/processor work? Product enters the system via the inlet reservoir and is forced into the interaction chamber at speeds up to 400 m/sec by a high-pressure pump. It is then effectively cooled, if required, and collected in the output reservoir. The exclusive fixed-geometry interaction chamber, the heart of our Microfluidizer® technology, is combined with a constant pressure pumping system to produce unparalleled results.

Highest Shear Rates
As shown in the shear rate and particle size distribution charts below from Chemical Engineering, Microfluidizer® processors consistently generate significantly higher shear rates than other methods and more uniform particle size reduction. By precisely controlling the level of shear applied, customers are able to process shear-sensitive materials and high-pressure applications. More efficient reduction of particles to the nano level allows customers to use less energy to achieve particle size results that are, on average, half the size of even the most effective homogenizer outputs.

Uniform Particle Size Distribution
Creating tiny particles is one step. A crucial second factor, often overlooked by manufacturers of other particle size reduction equipment, is generating a uniform particle size distribution in the process. This is where Microfluidizer® technology has proven its value in thousands of customer applications over the years: producing the most narrow particle size distribution results possible. Naturally, this yields greater stability, longer shelf life, more efficient use of raw materials, and significant potential savings in the filter area.

Avestin HomogenizerMicrofluidizer® Processor
Pass 1268 nm113 nm
Pass 2228 nm95 nm
Pass 3183 nm72 nm

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