Quadro Comil® Overdriven

Quality engineered for reliable, low-maintenance operation, the Comil ®’s track record for high-efficiency inline processing is unequaled across a vast range of applications – from size reduction to mixing and dispersion,bulk density adjustment to separation and reclaim.
The Overdriven Comil is used for a wide range of products and applications. It can be found in thousands of factories all over the world, mixing and dispersing, size reducing, separating and reclaiming, and bulk density adjustment.
The typical particle size distribution (PSD) is tightly contained with the 125 micron to 1000 micron range (120 mesh to 18 mesh), depending on the screen and impeller choices. Traditional milling technologies do not have the same control over the PSD resulting in more fines and a flatter curve and less control over quality and repeatability.

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