Shear Fx Deagglomeration and Delumping


Self-Pumping Deagglomeration and Product Smoothing

The Quadro Ytron® ShearFX pump extends the strengths of our other deagglomeration and homogenizing products into self-pumping mixer applications.

The unique tooling options for the ShearFX pump offer more flexibility and value than a traditional high shear pump with a controllable balance between shear energy and pumping efficiency. With a simple tooling change you can tailor your product smoothing process from high pumping capacity to high shear energy.

Three shear pump tooling styles are available, offering a range of performance from just centrifugal pumping, to standard or enhanced high shear tooling. Standard ShearFX tooling provides an overall balance between shear energy and pumping, while enhanced high shear tooling provides unmatched particle size reduction and smoothing performance when compared with conventional shear pumps.

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