WA Series Schutte Lab Hammer Mills

The WA Series is a gravity discharge hammer mill that can be constructed with a wide variety of grinding rotors and screen configurations to guarantee unmatched performance. Available in more than 20 sizes, ranging from 6″ to 72″, each mill features replaceable wear plates to protect the mill housing from wear that may result from processing abrasive materials.

All models of the WA Series are custom configured to suit the user’s material and production goals. In-feed and discharge chutes are designed to accommodate any method of feeding and take- away, ensuring a clean and safe operating environment.

Key Features :

• Available in more than 20 sizes with widths ranging from 6″ to 72″

• Rotor diameters from 9″ to 40″

• Choice of carbon or stainless steel construction

• Multiple hammer styles and sizes available in a variety of materials

• Hammers are 4-way reversible for maximum wear life

• Interchangeable, heavy duty bar grates or perforated screens made from abrasion-resistant steel

• Replaceable interior liner plates offer wear protection when processing abrasive materials.

• Custom feed and discharge chutes designed for any feeding and collecting method


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