Z Emulsifier and In-line Mixer

High Shear In-Line Emulsification and Wet Milling

The Quadro Ytron® Z Emulsifier delivers unparalleled consistency and control of high shear mixer applications involving emulsification, wet milling or grinding, deagglomeration and fine solids dispersion.

The Z-Emulsifier accommodates up to three stages of sequential rotor-stator mixer tooling, operating at high differential velocities with up to 15 shear zones working on product as it flows through the in-line mixer. The result is consistent, repeatable quality at capacities exceeding those of conventional high shear mixer, such as in-tank rotor-stator mixers, colloid mills, and shear pumps.

High shear tooling for the Z-Emulsifier comes in a variety of slot sizes which allows a high degree of flexibility in selecting the appropriate tooling for any given mixing application. Through rotor-stator selection and varying the speed of the high shear tooling, the shear rate of the mixer can be controlled and scaled with precision.


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