R&D Tablet Coating
Streamlining and Simplifying R&D Tablet Coating


FLEX 05 Benchtop Coater
Convenient and versatile, Thomas’s FLEX 05 is the perfect solution for rapid product development and R&D batch testing.
Flex 05 Coats as few as 100 tablets to 5 liters of tablets
Available in Aqueous, Solvent and Containment versions 
for more information contact our HSI team


FLEX 100 Batch Coater

Thomas’s FLEX 100 provides the ultimate in coating versatility, making it a suitable solution for film, functional, sugar, and drug layer coating.

Pilot Scale Tablet Coater with exchangeable drums
6 drum sizes available for a total processing range of 2 – 125 liters
Fully integrated, recipe driven coating system
for more information contact our HSI team

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